TV Antenna & Satelite

Starting out when TV antennas were just beginning for the home Television, Palmers TV have the knowledge and experience of over sixty years in the Industry. With the switch the Digital TV reception now complete, having the right setup and upgrading your old antenna is key to getting the best quality reception.

 We can offer a wide range of services that cover both Digital TV and Satellite reception for Residential and commercial installation, including;

  • MATV System and design Solutions
  • Replacement of old antenna system / upgrade to digital-ready antenna system - including supply of Digital Set Top Box if required
  • New antenna system installation
  • General trouble-shooting with reception or system set-up
  • Digital reception assessment
  • Deep fringe antenna installations
  • SMATV System and design solutions
  • VAST Satellite services
  • International KU and C band Satellites 

Palmers TV have the right solution for your Antenna and Satellite requirements. Many factors are considered when selecting the best option for your individual circumstances. Palmers have the technical knowledge to ensure you get the best possible picture every time. 

Contact us so we can get you watching the best picture available in your area.