Great design starts with taking the time to listen. At Palmers, we’re here to listen to how you use your rooms and what you want to achieve. We work with you to seamlessly incorporate building technology into your home or business, providing solutions that will evolve with your needs for years to come.


Whether it’s a new build or an existing structure, the team at Palmers design custom-built solutions to meet your needs. From cabling plans and schematics to planning room acoustics for your home cinema, every piece of equipment and each aspect is carefully considered to create beautifully functional spaces. We create systems that work in harmony with each other, and with you.


Consultation and design come together to deliver results when the installation begins. Our professional installers take care to do the job right and deliver perfection, every time. Working alongside other trade professionals, the Palmers team is committed to delivering your custom solutions on time and executed flawlessly.


After the equipment is installed and the tools are put away, the Palmers team is always available to help you get the most from your home or commercial spaces. Whether it’s technology upgrades, synching systems or equipment enhancements, we provide support and after-purchase care to ensure you get the maximum value from each element.

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